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Kurt Wimmer

9. Doubting Father?

Transcription by  ChronosX

You know I think a lot of people that watched this film assume that this Father figure, the fact that he was named "Father" was simply a transliteration of Big Brother in 1984. In fact that actually never really entered my mind, that wasn't the idea at all. In fact it was a resonance of these religious themes. You see the cross, the thinly disguise cross behind him...

...and Christian in what is essentially a nineteenth century deacon's frock there. It was simply a resonance of these theological themes that hopefully resonate throughout this film.

Maybe that's too heavy handed. (Commenting on the following dialogue...)


"You must understand, Preston, that while you,
-- and even I -- may not always agree with it,
it is not the message that is important,
it is our obedience to it. Father's will.
Call it faith. You have it, I assume?"

I was greatly concerned that the audience you know which I anticipate to be male and I have to say that the studio was also greatly concerned; that the audience would be able to sit through scenes like that small one that just occurred and the one that's about to occur; that they would give us the pass...

...By the way that shot right there, that's a reverse shot, it was actually supposed to go at the end. That's him closing the box as opposed to opening, but I needed a different way to get the scene, so I reversed it. I did that a lot during the film, it works pretty well... 

...But that they would give us a pass and sit through this to get to the action. Well what happened was for the most part they not only accepted it, but they completely embraced it.

Another interesting thing is that women actually tested as liking the film fractionally better than men, which is unheard of, if not unique for a science fiction action/adventure. I have often wondered why. I think its because first of all there are many women out there who would like their boyfriends to look like Christian Bale; but more importantly I think there are many women out there who would like their boyfriend's who should look like Christian Bale, to go through this journey. This was essentially an emotion journey of getting in touch with his feelings; and when he starts, you know, kicking ass at the end of the movie, he's doing it in the name of emotion, which is something that women can get behind as opposed to the reasons that men usually kick ass in movies.