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Gun Kata
the action & fight style of Equilibrium

Most of the unique action sequences from Equilibrium revolve around the concept of Gun Kata. This martial arts inspired fighting technique was created for the film by writer/director Kurt Wimmer.It is one of the most exhilarating new styles to be captured on film. About his own passion for action Wimmer said...

"I love and have always loved and will always love action. Great action to me is better than food, better than sex, better than anything. I remember vividly every single moment of great action I have ever seen in the theater, when I saw it, and the elation I felt when I saw it. Action makes my heart pound just thinking about it. I'm in love with the heroic ideal which is probably kind of corny in an age of advancing cynicism but I can't help it. For a man on film, there is no greater moment than the instant when he suddenly gives up everything he knows or thought he ever wanted and starts whipping ass for love or principle."- CHUD Message Board

Wimmer has nicely summed up what many of us action enthusiast have never quite been able to put into words. The lust, the adrenaline, the drive, that an action junkie feels about a well choreographed and executed sequence. Equilibrium was created by an action lover for action lovers.

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 Director's Comments

What I based the Grammaton Clerics on was sort of a cross-section of a number of the aesthetic warriorhoods that existed throughout history like the mamluks who were slave warriors and were often castrated, which is not to say they felt nothing, but there were certainly some things they didn't feel. They certainly had an altered emotional state and the Knights Templar, the Teutonic knights you know, people who had taken an aesthetic religious vow and are really, purely "Warriors of God." Most relevantly, of course, are the samurai and their Bushido code. Obviously, the samurai were required at a moment's notice to commit seppuku if the shogun ordered it and in order to do that, you have to have a certain dispassionate take, I believe, on the material world. You'd have to assume that these people looked at their weapons as essential and integral tools of the trade.

The Grammaton Cleric is an order that is very spare - they take the shortest distance between two points and I think they like to optimize their efficiency in any given situation and they did their research and figured the gunkata was the best thing to do ... the gunkata is the focus of the Grammaton Cleric's techniques, but they are clearly versed in other things including swordfighting ... They can pretty much use anything that comes into their sphere of influence, because from birth they're trained in a Cleric monastery to be warriors.

...hopefully Preston demonstrates that in the course of the movie that with a gun, going down a corridor, he's infinitely more effective than a guy with nunchucks going down the same corridor...

- Kurt Wimmer, CHUD Interview

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