Month: January 2019

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These May Save Your Company from Trouble

When running a business, you sometimes have to do things that are beyond the realm of your industry. All of this has a point, of course, and in some cases, it is done to save a sinking ship. With the number of businesses going belly up in New Zealand all thanks to skyrocketing prices of commodities, you’ll want to do everything in your power to beat the statistics. Here are ways to turn abysmal sales into all-time high profit: Advertise …

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Why Smartphones Just Won’t Cut It for Event Photography

Smartphone cameras can do so much for an event. With phone companies collaborating with lens manufacturers to improve the quality of their smartphone cameras, one might question the need for professional equipment when documenting an event. Mobile phones may give you the bells and whistles of a digital camera, but does this mean you can do without a professional event photographer? These might change your mind: Compromise in Quality Despite the quality your smartphone promises, the actual photos may still …

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Going Viral with Video Marketing

These days, phrases like “breaks the internet” and “going viral” have become part of the global population’s lexicon. These phrases are so widely used that they have been the subject of multiple news articles, research papers, and think pieces. But, what exactly do they mean? More importantly, how do they fit in the content marketing landscape? In the digital age where smartphones and social media reign supreme, there is a constantly growing pool of content that gets uploaded and shared …

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