Month: May 2019

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5 Types of Videos to Use for Your Business

Do you remember back in preschool when your teacher asked you to present something for show-and-tell? That was probably the very first encounter you had with visual representations—a “product” is shown to you, and your classmate (or you) tells the audience about the product and why it’s cool and inspiring. This is exactly the way that videos work now. Something is presented to the viewer. That something is explained to the viewer through a video made by a video production …

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How to Market Your Brand to Your Niche Market

The foundation for establishing your brand is knowing and understanding your target market. As you build your business, you have to know the people you need to reach. It is only then that you will be able to customise your mission and message to resonate and meet their needs. The fundamental action is to be specific. Know the detailed behaviours and lifestyle of your consumers. You can choose to target the tech-savvy millennials, single moms who work at home, college students, …

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Gaining Appreciation for Antiques and Rustic Items

When you go to museums and art fairs, you may notice people gazing intently at the precious items. You may find yourself asking what these people notice in these old things. One answer: beauty. You do not have to be an overly intelligent curator to appreciate antiques. You just have to look for beauty. And beauty is subjective, meaning you can find beauty in one thing from another perspective—or you may not find it attractive at all. However, spotting antiques …

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