Month: June 2019

woman wearing a diamond earring

Jewelry Pieces for Every Occasion

Fashion has always been a means of expression — of character, personality, and of course, personal taste. It does not hurt that it can make you look better and further highlight the beautiful features that make you stand out. One crucial aspect of this is the jewelry you wear. While clothes, dresses, and shoes are definitely important, jewelry takes care of the areas that clothes cannot (such as the ears and hands) and even gives you the extra sparkle to …

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woman in maternity wearing a white clothing with lights as background

Tips for Great Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is a miracle. It is the time of your life when you nurture a human being in your womb. Although there may be some difficulties as changes happen to your body, the feeling of joy, excitement, and anticipation still prevails. That mixture of emotions is better captured and documented through maternity photos. For well-documented and snappy shots, here are some tips for a maternity shoot that you may consider: 1. Location You can go anywhere—outdoor, indoor, urban, or rural, …

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Man watching sports on live streaming

Online Streaming Rises as More Americans Shift Away From TV

The growing number of apps and streaming services have changed the way the audience consumes visual entertainment, with the Internet now appearing to close in on the monopoly that traditional TV has once enjoyed. Just a generation ago, the likes of Netflix, HBO Go, Spotify and even Sirius XM commercials were unheard of and nobody probably even thought that there could be something beyond what the tube has to offer. According to Pew Research, young adults (61%) prefer watching shows …

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