Month: July 2019

construction worker installing soundproofing

Cork: Your Sustainable Soundproofing Material

Noise is a health hazard, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Mental and physical health are in jeopardy with constant exposure to noise pollution. Reducing noise from the environment should be a priority for your household if you live in an environment that offers little respite from all the racket. Are you ready to invest in acoustic ceiling and wall products to reduce the noise level coming from your surroundings? There are alternatives to the typical synthetic materials your …

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living room in eclectic design

Glitz and Glam: Adding Gold Accents for Your Interiors

Gold has always captivated people’s imagination. History has shown how the Romans, Egyptians, and most prominent personalities of the earliest time have draped themselves in gold as a symbol of status, wealth, and power. It has been considered a precious material that people have admired for its glamour and luxury, often leading to a number of past wars and conquests. Today, we’ll be looking at how gold has conquered the world of interior design in Phoenix and other locations, from embellishments to …

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