Month: August 2019

Word puzzle game

How to Improve Your Game in Word Puzzles

Some people think that playing crossword puzzles requires a high level of intellect and extensive vocabulary. But the truth is playing word fill-in puzzles is a learnable skill, and anyone can be good at it. All you need is a little bit of strategic thinking, some practice, and in time, you’ll be great at playing crossword puzzles. Play every day Swedish psychologist Anders Ericsson first developed the idea that practicing a certain skill for 10,000 hours will make anyone an expert. …

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Event Planning: Pointers for Newbies

Event coordination is a business or career that tests your mettle. If you genuinely want to dive into it and prosper from it, then you have to toughen yourself. After all, it has great rewards for you if you stick with it. But how do you go from a newbie to a sought-out superstar event coordinator? If you want to go further in your chosen path, then it will pay to follow these pieces of advice throughout your career: Remember …

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group of people reading books

Drawing a Reader’s Interest Through Creative Covers

Covers are the first things that readers see in a book. Choosing the right cover image and typography should not only attract the interest of a potential reader but also give a clear glimpse into the story and themes covered by the book. People do judge books by their covers, despite conventional wisdom and experience telling them otherwise. This tendency can be worked to the author’s advantage. A good cover is your book’s best foot forward; it can entice readers …

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practising performance arts

Important Life Lessons Performing Arts Can Teach You

Taking up a career in performing arts is a great choice. If you have the passion for performing in performing arts venues in MN, then perhaps it is your time to let your talent shown in front of hundreds or even thousands of audiences. This may be the big break you are waiting for all this time. Performing arts won’t only help enhance your stage presence and performance level. In fact, you can apply the lessons you have learned in performing …

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