Through our shared love for the arts, design, and pop culture, Equilibrium Fans was born.

Our interests range from the latest TV shows to the wackiest art trends. We can be talking about what’s rocking the film industry one minute, then rave about the most recent news that shocked the design industry the next. There’s no in between.

Formed over one random weekend, Equilibrium Fans serves as our gateway to high level discussion on what interests us in terms of design, theater, film, TV, arts, and the likes. Here we give rambling reviews and in-depth analysis of what interests us.

You’re welcome to enjoy the ride.


Juan Michaels is the Editor-in-Chief of Equilibrium Fans. He’s a social media manager by day and a filmmaker by night. His interested in pretty much everything odd and interesting, but his hobbies dwell mostly on watching obscure films and visiting free museums during weekends.

Frances Adams is a writer, an aspiring filmmaker, and a voracious reader and film watcher. She spends majority of her time overanalyzing the things she watches, and she hopes that Equilibrium Fans becomes her way to gush over the most recent movies and TV shows she watched. She’s our resident film and TV critic.

Edwin Davis is a design student interning at a design firm. His interests include graphic design, fashion, music and films. He can go on and on about film set design, and his opinions can range from mild to incredibly wild. Ask him about the latest trends in art and he can quickly recite its history and influences for the past two decades.

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