Event Planning: Pointers for Newbies

Event coordination is a business or career that tests your mettle. If you genuinely want to dive into it and prosper from it, then you have to toughen yourself. After all, it has great rewards for you if you stick with it. But how do you go from a newbie to a sought-out superstar event coordinator? If you want to go further in your chosen path, then it will pay to follow these pieces of advice throughout your career: Remember …

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construction worker installing soundproofing

Cork: Your Sustainable Soundproofing Material

Noise is a health hazard, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Mental and physical health are in jeopardy with constant exposure to noise pollution. Reducing noise from the environment should be a priority for your household if you live in an environment that offers little respite from all the racket. Are you ready to invest in acoustic ceiling and wall products to reduce the noise level coming from your surroundings? There are alternatives to the typical synthetic materials your …

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Stressed out businessman

These May Save Your Company from Trouble

When running a business, you sometimes have to do things that are beyond the realm of your industry. All of this has a point, of course, and in some cases, it is done to save a sinking ship. With the number of businesses going belly up in New Zealand all thanks to skyrocketing prices of commodities, you’ll want to do everything in your power to beat the statistics. Here are ways to turn abysmal sales into all-time high profit: Advertise …

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small plant by the window

Your Secret Garden: Versatile Uses for Your Piece of Earth

You might have worked hard to make your garden look like a tranquil mini-forest, and you feel confident that you already did your best in making sure that your family and neighbors enjoy the view. That may be right, but the experts at Authentic Provence know that your great-looking garden with their antique planters can still accommodate some family-friendly improvements and upgrades. The following suggestions not only look great but can also involve the whole household’s interests and efforts. Set …

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a kid playing piano

Three Long-Term Benefits of Music Classes for Kids

Having children who know how to play musical instruments is a source of pride for parents. In the past, however, it used to be a status symbol for the “upper class” because of the steep cost of music lessons. Parents set aside money to hire a teacher so their children could learn to play the piano, clarinet or cello. Thankfully, music lessons have become more accessible and affordable over the years. Children can sign up for violin lessons in Lehi, …

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satsuki and mei's house in my neighbor totoro

When Art Imitates Life: Real Life Locations of Hayao Miyazaki’s Movies

Hayao Miyazaki is a screenwriter, a filmmaker, a producer, an artist, and above all, a visionary. It’s difficult to name another animator who made his mark in the industry with animated movies about moving castles and friendly witches. His whimsical style of storytelling made many viewers a loyalist. Best known for his works such as Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro, Miyazaki’s works has recurring themes and concepts that endeared him to viewers of all ages. His works have …

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